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Please contact me for a written estimate specific to your quilt top and quilting needs.  

Helpful information is listed after the price list.


  • Longarm Machine Basting Edge to Edge  -  $0.03 per square inch ($75.00 minimum charge)

  • Longarm Machine Quilting Edge to Edge   -  $0.03 per square inch ($75.00 minimum charge)

  • Longarm Machine Quilting Custom Edge to Edge -  $0.05 and up per square inch ($100.00 minimum charge)

  • 100% Cotton Batting  -  contact for pricing

  • 100% 108" Cotton Backing  -  $25.00 per yard

  • Machine Wash, Machine Dry Cotton Backing  -  $30.00

  • Backing Preparation Charge (includes ironing, remove selvages, seam, and square up)  -  $30.00

  • Iron Quilt Top and Quilt Backing Prior to Quilting  -  $30.00

  • Trim Completed Quilt  -  $30.00

  • Make 2.5" Binding Using Customer Supplied Fabric  -  $30.00

  • Machine Stich Binding (customer supplied) to the Front (trimmed and ironed)  -  $0.20 per linear inch

  • Hand Stich Binding to the Back  -  $0.50 per linear inch

--- COMMISSIONED QUILTS  (minimum pricing) ---

  • Baby/Crib Quilt, 36" x 52" - $375.00

  • Lap Quilt, 50" x 65" - $650.00

  • Twin Quilt, 70" x 90" - $1,250.00

  • Full Quilt, 84" x 90" - $1,500.00

  • Queen Quilt, 90" x 108" - $1,900.00

  • King Quilt, 108" x 108" - $2,300.00

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required for all commissioned quilts.

--- HELPFUL INFORMATION ---              

PRICING - See the pricing sheet for a complete list of services and prices. To calculate the square inches of your quilt, measure the width, length, and multiple. 88” x 94” equals 8,272 square inches. To calculate the linear inches of your quilt, add the top and bottom measurements together with the left and right side measurements.  88” + 88” + 94” + 94” equals 364 linear inches.  I charge by the square inch, and the rate depends on the quilting type.   I have a $75 minimum charge for edge to edge quilting.

MAXIMUM QUILT SIZES - The largest width top I can quilt is 122" wide, and the largest width backing I can quilt is 130" wide. This is large enough for an Eastern King quilt. I have no restrictions on quilt lengths. Do check your batting sizes. The batting should be 3-4" larger on all sides than your quilt top.

MARK THE TOP - Mark the top of your quilt so I don’t quilt it upside down. If your backing has a top please mark this as well.

SQUARE YOUR QUILT - Please make sure your quilt top is as square as possible. If it is not square, your completed quilt will most likely not be square. Also, please make sure your quilt backing is square. If not, puckers or pleats could occur in your finished quilt.

PRESS/IRON YOUR QUILT - Press/iron your quilt top flat from the back to help direct your seams. Press/iron your backing flat from the back to help direct your seams. If there are wrinkles in your quilt and/or your backing, they will be quilted into the quilt.

TRIM THREADS - Trim all or close to all loose threads. If excessive trimming is required, you will incur a fee of $30.00. Check your quilt for pins.

REPAIR LOOSE SEAMS - Look over your quilt top and repair any loose seams. The longarm machine foot could possibly catch the loose seam and rip your quilts. Nancy Duncan Quilts will not be held responsible if this happens.

SECURE BORDER SEAM - If your quilt top does not have a solid border (the border is pieced), you may want to add 3-4 stitches, 1/8” from the edge, across the seams located around the perimeter of your quilt top to prevent the quilt top from stretching as it is loaded and unloaded from the machine frame.  I do not recommend stitching the entire outside edge of the quilt as it could cause distortion on the outside edge.

DO NOT BASTE - Keep all of your layers separate. Do not baste them. Each layer is added to the quilt frame separately.

BACKING LARGER THAN TOP - Please make your quilt backing 4-8” larger than your quilt top on all sides. The extra backing is needed to properly load the quilt on the frame. Please make sure your batting is as big as the quilt backing. Please limit all backing fabric seams to horizontal when at all possible.

BINDING - Client-supplied binding should be sufficient to bind a quilt, 2.5” wide, pressed in half lengthwise, and ready to be attached.  If you would like the binding to be made from the remainder of the backing fabric after the quilting is completed, an additional $30.00 will be charged for cutting, seaming, and ironing the backing fabric prior to machine stitching.


MACHINE QUILTING DISCLAIMER - Longarm sewing machines are mechanical devices, and on rare occasions, mechanical problems can develop, which may result in minor damage to a quilt top and/or backing.

ALLERGEN NOTICE - My home is smoke-free and cat-free; however, we do have dogs.  All quilt tops are placed on hangers and enclosed in garment bags until quilted.  They are then placed in plastic quilt bags.  My floors are swept daily and mopped weekly.  Everything possible is done to keep dog hair to a minimum, except getting rid of the dogs.

SHIPPING - Quilts needing to be shipped will ship USPS Priority Mail or FedEx at your expense. Shipping costs will be added to the final invoice.

SALES TAX - I will not charge sales tax if your quilt is shipped out of California. For all other quilts, California Sales Tax in the amount of 7.25% will be charged.  There is some confusion about sales tax and services, but in California, sales tax must be paid on services involved in creating new personal property.  The state ruled in 1951 that quilting services were subject to sales tax.  I do not charge sales tax on washing, drying, ironing, and trimming.  I will charge sales tax on quilting, batting, backing, and binding.

PAYMENT - Any quilt left more than 30 days after completion and invoicing will be sold to settle the account. I accept cash, checks, and credit cards (3% processing fee applies).

Have a question that I didn't answer here? Contact me, I would be happy to answer it.

Folded Quilts
Ribbons Abound Quilt
Folded Quilt
Binding Being Applied By Longarm Quilting Machine
Partial View Of A Quilted Dresden Plate
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