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Nancy Duncan

Nancy Duncan is a passionate quilt designer, pattern writer, quilt judge, and professional longarm quilter. With a keen eye for detail and a love for fabric, Nancy embarked on her quilting journey with her first quilt, a nine-patch, in 2004. She opened Nancy Duncan Quilts in 2020 with the purchase of her first longarm and her first judging contract. Nancy released her first quilt pattern in the fall of 2023.​

Driven by a deep appreciation for the artistry and tradition of quilting, Nancy is currently a candidate for certification with the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges (NACQJ), a testament to her commitment to excellence in the craft.​

In addition to her design work, Nancy is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and passion for quilting with others. Through workshops, lectures, and social media, she empowers fellow quilting enthusiasts to hone their skills and explore new techniques, fostering a vibrant and supportive quilting community.​

As Nancy continues to evolve as a designer, educator, and judge, she remains steadfast in her commitment to preserving the rich heritage of quilting while pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity in the field.

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